Where to stay

We recommend the following accommodation facilities for your stay:

Partner hotels

Hotel Rio****
Price: approx. 96€ incl. breakfast
Hans-Sachs-Str. 2| 76133 Karlsruhe| Phone: 0049(0)721-8408-0| Email: info@hotel-rio.de| www.hotel-rio.de| Walking map to Karlshochschule

Hotel Santo Karlsruhe****
Price: approx. 78€ incl. breakfast
Karlstr. 67-69| 76137 Karlsruhe| Phone: 0049(0)721-3837-0| Email: info@hotel-santo.de| www.hotel-santo.de| Walking map to Karlshochschule


Alternative places to stay

Hotel ibis Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof
Poststr. 1| 76137 Karlsruhe| Phone: 0049 (0)721-352320| Email: H6965@accor.com| www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-6965-ibis-karlsruhe-hauptbahnhof/index.shtml

If you’re staying at this hotel, we recommend to use public transport departing in front of the main station (Hauptbahnhof) to get to Karlshochschule. As Karlsruhe is a city of massive construction sites at the moment, we recommend to check the local tram line website (http://en.kvv.de/) before departure or to ask the service staff at the information desk outside the main station about which tram to use. Your destination is the “Karlstor” stop of the tram.

Bed & Breakfast Karlsruhe
Karlstr. 132a| 76137 Karlsruhe| Phone: 0049 (0)721-816479| Email: karl132a@gmail.com| www.bedandbreakfast-karlsruhe.de/bedandbreakfast_english.htm| Walking map to Karlshochschule

Youth hostel Karlsruhe (Website in German – they do speak English, though)
Moltkestr. 24| 76133 Karlsruhe| Phone: 0049 (0)721-28 248| Email: info@jugendherberge-karlsruhe.de| www.karlsruhe.jugendherberge-bw.de| Walking map to Karlshochschule


For further details about hotels and the city of Karlsruhe please visit: www.karlsruhe.de