Read the Proposals

This is the registry of abstracts which will be presented at the conference in alphabetical order:

Abfalter, Dagmar: “The  Leading  Conductor  –  The  Leadership  Concept  between  Management  and  Cultural  Sciences”

Burmester, Mischa: “Strategic practice as pre-requisite for the survival of companies”

Cwikla, Malgorzata: “What should be remembered? Projectification and cultural memory”

de Hertogh, Steven: “Disentangling executive relationships in light of social autopoiesis”

Deeg, Jürgen: “Unveiling the heart of darkness: A socio-analysis of corrosive cultures in the investment banking industry”

Ericsson, Daniel: “From horse handlers to text mongers”

Fenkart, Susanne: “Art is… as funny as money. Artistic reflections on economy”

Gehmann, Ulrich: “Management and the Myths of Functionality”

Harvey, Dan: “Management in the Educational Field, or The Entrepreneurial University”

Helldorff, Elisabeth: “Stir it until it spills over – How ‘Artistic Thinking’ meets the need for movement in organization culture”

Ingman, Sissi: “Arendtian culture as critical virtuous practice”

Kemble, Ross: “Employee voices in the UK of changes to work given post global financial crisis – Updated viewing?”

King, Ian: “Re-thinking  our  management  voice?  or  Realizing  the  value  of  the  management  choir!”

Klingenmayer, Tobias: “The impact of the spatial turn on management studies”

Kolsteeg, Johan: “Understanding complex practice in cultural and creative contexts”

Lang, Siglinde: “(Arts) Management and its role in encouraging cultural production”

Lenger, Alexander: “Pierre Bourdieu’s Contribution to a Theory of Cultural Economics: Integrating Habitus, Social Inequality and Power to the Analysis of Economic Behavior”

Moriceau, Jean-luc: “Theatre of Operations: Aesthetic battles throughout the city”

Müller, Andreas: “Language and Hierarchy”

Muresanu, Florin & Monica: “Pride and Concrete: What to manage when culture plus economy doesn’t amount to cultural economy”

Nocker, Manuela: “No sense of belonging: On sharing and the ethical imagination in project teams”

Ocsai, Andras: “Spiritual Turn in Business Management”

Overdiek, Anja: “Business un-usual: Complementary leadership in the Dutch designer fashion sector”

Rybnikova, Irma: “Management as purity apostle”

Schmidt, Silke: “Managing Culture: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Narrative Turn in Business Consulting”

Sixt, David: “Do you even understand me? The influence of the Translational Turn on brand communication”

Townley, Bob: “Love, loss and leaving in Organisations: there’s no emoticon for that! Exploring criticality in relation to a psychoanalytically-informed study of loss and mourning in organisations”

Wagner, Dirk: “The graceful degradation of the knowledge worker? On getting back the attention of what used to be your most valuable resource”

Weidenstedt, Linda: “The Paradox of Empowerment from a Sociological Point of View: New Implications for Management Research”

Winter, Carsten: “Re-Thinking Media Management as Cultural Practice from 1990 until today”

Yikai, Cao: “A leadership competency model for multi-national companies in China”