Tobias Klingenmayer

“The impact of the spatial turn on management studies”

The purpose of this examination is to explore of there is an impact of the spatial turn on management studies and to show possible manifestations for such an impact. Therefore, notions of space as object of cognition, as metaphor and as space as tool play a pivotal role and form the framework of this analysis. Further, I shall reflect on architecture, design, organizational change and… Read more

My Claim: “The impact of the cultural turns on management has not necessarily only positive consequences.”

My Expectations: “I’m looking forward and expecting a fruitful discussion about what ReThinking Management actually means and about the question where ReThinking Management then leads to in the future.”

Tobias Klingenmayer holds his first degree in Arts and Cultural Management where he dealt with the topic of Crowdfunding – as a possible alternative for project funding for museums. At the moment he is student of the Master program Management at Karlshochschule International University where he is specializing in the fields of Culture and Finance. Besides his studies he was part of the founding and organizing team of the first international 3D-Festival BEYOND and is currently gaining experiences in the field of project consulting and fundraising.