Sissi Ingman

“Arendtian culture as critical virtuous practice”

Meaning and symbolism are at the center of cultural approaches to organizations, whether studied as collective, stable meaning systems or as local variants within contexts of multiple, complex, shifting and coexisting cultures, allowing individuals and groups to make use of a variety of cultural resources. (Alvesson, 2013, Weber & Dacin, 2011) Whether culture is conceptualized as “software of the mind” (Hofstedte & Hofstedte, 2005), as the taken-for-granted or as repertoires… Read more

My Claim: “Arendt’s world-oriented thinking on culture and on ways of sharing and having “in common” is well worth considering for Critical Management Studies as a project aiming at becoming affirmative and caring.”

My Expectations: “I expect to get inspiration concerning ways to study organization culturally as well as approaches to ‘performative CMS’.”

I teach organization theory and project management at Malmö University. My research aims at exploring how Hannah Arendt’s phenomenology and ideas on activities – mental as well as appearing – may illuminate organization. This could also be expressed as a project using the organizing/organized context for exploring Arendtian concepts.