Silke Schmidt


“Managing Culture: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Narrative Turn in Business Consulting”

A so-called ‘culture of success’ is what most managers today seek to establish. Why? Because corporate culture is an important determinant of success and, in turn, success is reflected in a vivid and innovative corporate culture. How do managers learn about their corporate culture? They listen to the stories of their employees and stakeholders. Do they really listen themselves? Most often not. This is where… Read more

My Claim: “The humanities in the academy finally have to give up their hostile attitude toward anything involving the term ‘management.’” It is high time for cultural studies scholars to start working with – not against – economists on theoretical and practical issues. The same holds true for economists.”

My Expectations: “I expect really diverse and thus fruitful discussions on the different mindsets still dividing classical from critical management studies. People need to get out of their comfort zones in order to start rethinking. This takes open-minded and dynamic thinkers to meet at innovative conferences like this one.”

Silke Schmidt currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) at Justus Liebig University Giessen. Schmidt completed her Ph.D. 2013 with an interdisciplinary dissertation on contemporary Arab American life writing and media framing. During and after her university education, she also worked in public relations consulting, higher education management and business streategy consulting. Her research interests include Arab American culture and politics, interdisciplinary theory development, gender, and management studies. In 2014, she published Culture Clash: Business-Coaching für (Geistes-)Wissenschaftler.