Siglinde Lang


“(Arts) Management and its role in encouraging cultural production”

In the sense of a contemporary, democratic understanding of public space(s) (Mouffe 2007, Fraser 1990, Klaus/Lünenborg 2013), the production of a polyphonic discourse can be seen as the guiding principle within the arts and cultural management process, as outlined in a relevant research study at the University of Salzburg. The talk will present the findings from this interdisciplinary inquiry into the extent to which cultural management processes are able to initiate and professionally coordinate cultural meaning production. On the basis of… Read more

My Claim: “Let´s take cultural production into our own hands.”

My Expectations: “I am looking forward to debates on the interdependences of management and cultural processes – especially in relation to goal definition and decision-making.”

Siglinde Lang is Senior Scientist at the Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production program area at the University of Salzburg/Mozarteum Salzburg (A). Recently she helds an appointment as a visiting professor at the University of applied sciences Calw (Ger). Before turning to the academic field she worked several years as an arts manager.
Coming from this field of practical arts management her research interests are based on questions that combine artistic and cultural practices with theories of cultural meaning production and participatory communication management processes. Thereby her focus lies on a critical and interdisciplinary examination of contemporary art and cultural production, with an emphasis on the independent scene and on cultural mediation processes.