Ross Kemble


“Employee voices in the UK of changes to work given post global financial crisis – Updated viewing?”
(conducted together with Diane Keeble-Ramsay)

Managers are employees, yet there remains a dearth of the examination of the employees’ experiences by way of the employees’ voices, by an acceptance of studies of management as a sufficient reflection of organisational actions (see Conway and Monks, 2009; Hale and Tamangani, 1996; Hale, 2005).   Following the global financial crisis (GFC), … Read more

My Claim & Expectations: “I wish to examine the area of critical management and intend to explore more through the consideration of the impact of post 2008 economic climate upon UK working practices since critical management studies brought together critical theory and post-structuralist writings.  By attending the conference, I would be able to contribute to current debates but also benefit from exposure to other current enquiries.  This would not only allow me to contribute in terms of the lived experiences of employees given the issues of power and voice which underpin my research but also build upon this with the potential of publication emanating from the conference.
Given a focus upon experiences of the UK workforce post 2009, the general orientation towards a cultural perspective and orientations which cut across and go beyond conventional forms of reasoning is further part of the development of my PhD, which will seek to create re-thinking and further contribute towards exploring the re-doing of management through critical  perspectives on performativity.  Therefore, I am very eager to develop my contribution to the re-thinking debate within the boundaries of this conference and am very much looking forward to the conference.”

Ross is employed as PhD Researcher at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, UK. He has served in various functions of lecturing and research for ARU and the London College of Accountancy. Before starting his PhD in Management Science, Ross got his B.A. in Leisure Management from Wolverhampton University and his MSc in International Management Practise from Anglia Ruskin University. Together with his colleagues, Ross has published on topics related to his PhD on “Employees’ Perceptions of their Management post 2008″.

Ross has been awarded with the “Karlshochschule ReThinking Grant” for his outstanding submission.