Mischa Burmester


Strategic practice as pre-requisite for the survival of companies”

Strategy with its very roots in military planning, as being on the battle field has become a more and more theorized, standardized and structuralized construct that comes into existence in organizations. Formerly strategists had been in the field, experiencing the actions, feeling the enemy first hand, rethinking their steps and putting plans – on the basis of their practical wisdom – into actions. Nowadays, practitioners are struggling, as playing fields and environment grew larger significantly in the course of globalization and near to imperfect information (bounded rationality). At the same time it becomes crucial to… Read more

My Claim: “Interdisciplinarity has become one of the influential drivers of innovation and can further management studies towards not yet thought insights.”

My Expectations: “Management is being discussed critically throughout the world, not only through notions such as the purpose economy. Yet, the question how management could be rethought successfully and meaningfully, while at the same time be translated into business, is at stake. I am looking forward to diverse and fruitful discussions.”

Mischa holds a Bachelor in Intercultural Management and Communication. Apart from his experiences abroad (Brazil, Paraguay, Korea), he has worked in several international projects and organizations during the last years, experiencing the complexity, intricacies and beauty of nowadays international, interdisciplinary and intercultural working environment. Currently, he is a student in the Master program Management at Karlshochschule International University specializing in the field of Finance (Behavioral Economics) and Brand, aiming to gain insights into the interconnection between society, consumerism and management.