Manuela Nocker


“No sense of belonging: On sharing and the ethical imagination in project teams”

This paper seeks to contribute to a view of a project team’s space of everyday action via the lens of enacted ethics reframed as a highly situated and socially accomplished practice. Theoretically, it shares concerns with poststructuralist and postmodern views attempting to reconnect ethical theorising with management practice instead of separating these two domains. Yet, it does not subscribe to a relativist approach which would render ethical accounts impossible in practice. It thus resonates more with moves to link antiessentialist positions of moral agency to… Read more

My Claim: “Issues of context have become much more layered when considering their local, international and global outlook. However, despite many claims to the contrary, there is a renewed trend towards quantification, modelling, and centralisation effectively diminishing the role of context. Both practitioners and researchers have to live with this on-going paradox. We should therefore not lose sight of the human and the lived cultures. There is a need to fine-tuning the way we look at emergent ethical questions involved in any attempt to understand how individuals and groups may actually reconcile with their situation.”

My Expectations: “I hope to find the ground to probe deeper into some theoretical challenges in lively debates. I look forward to hear about the many interesting topics explored. Putting aside outright expectations, most of all I will enjoy being surprised and inspired cherishing our sense of togetherness.”

Manuela is Senior Lecturer in Organisation and Sustainability and currently Undergraduate Programme Director at The University of Essex Business School at the Southend Campus. She has studied Work and Organisational Psychology in Padova/Italy and was awarded a PhD in Organisational Psychology from the London School of Economics.

She is module leader in Business Ethics and Organisation, Learning and Collaboration in a Globalised World and is first supervisor to several PhD students. In her research she is interested in qualitative approaches, especially ethnography and the narrative approach to introduce a critical approach in the study of project team practice, belonging and identity construction.

She is a member of different public boards in Bozen-Bolzano in Italy (her ex-home city), including institutions in the areas of education, research and innovation. Manuela has worked as careers adviser, trainer and management consultant prior to becoming an academic at Essex Business School in 2006. She is editor of the Journal of Organisational Ethnography and an active member of the organising committee of the Annual Liverpool University Ethnography Symposium.