Malgorzata Cwikla


“What should be remembered? Projectification and cultural memory”

Our daily life is full of projects: we drive on streets done as result of an infrastructure project, we buy shoes delivered by virtual project-based organization, we go to the cinema to watch a movie made possible thanks to project-oriented support from international funds, we take part in our personalised daily workout project which we have as an app on our smartphone (getting continuously better and better as an outcome of innovative IT projects). Almost all human activities… Read more

My Claim: “‘Events are the ephemera of history’ (Braudel, 1973)”.

My Expectations: “New perspectives, new points of reference, new impacts, new re-considerations and a fruitful dialogue about the current encounters of organizational and cultural phenomena.”

Małgorzata Ćwikła graduated in Polish philology from the University of Wroclaw / Poland. Since 2010 she is a Ph.D student and lecturer at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication (Jagiellonian University in Krakow / Poland) where she wrote a dissertation about projectification of culture on the example of theatrical co-productions (viva tentatively in October 2014). She worked as curator and producer of cultural projects, among others, at the theatre Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin / Germany and at the Kampnagel International Culture Factory in Hamburg / Germany. 2008-2009 she was a scholarship holder in the program Cultural Managers from Central and Eastern Europe run by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. 2010 she worked as an intern at the Polish Embassy in Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main fields of research: connections between culture and management, contemporary performing arts, development of artistic ideas in context of politics and economics.