Linda Weidenstedt


“The Paradox of Empowerment from a Sociological Point of View: New Implications for Management Research”

Many applied fields in the social sciences have used the concept of empowerment during the last decades, among them the fields of human resource management and development. Despite several attempts at organising, especially theoretical, research on empowerment and creating different dimensions in order to conceptualise the concept, the field of empowerment is characterised by diverse definitions, approaches, applications – and a disregard of… Read more

My Claim: “Management strategies could profit from taking into account what lies beyond economics and psychology: interactional structures and rituals, role behaviour and the meaning of communicative interaction for different interactants.”

My Expectations: “Since I am new to the field of management studies I am curious to hear and discuss reactions to my claim. I am also looking forward to discussing and getting inspired by all participants’ new ideas of approaching management from unexpected angles.”

Linda is a PhD candidate at the University of Stockholm. After interdisciplinary studies both in her B.A. (English Language and Literature and Intercultural Communication) and M.A. (European Studies, focusing on European law, politics, history, language and religion), Linda chose Sociology as the discipline for her PhD project: Sociology offered her the possibility to further develop her interests in interaction, interaction rituals, agency and communication. Linda’s dissertation project deals with the concept of Empowerment, focusing on the ‘gap’ between an overly positive reputation of the concept and often rather negative experiences by the empowerees. The paradox of the ‘Empowerment gap’ is approached, on the one hand, from a general, theoretical and sociological point of view; on the other hand, from a concrete, theoretical as well as empirical point of view as a management strategy.