Johan Kolsteeg


“Understanding complex practice in cultural and creative contexts”

This paper reflects on a longitudinal research project into strategic practice in non-profit cultural organisations and for-profit creative firms. The research aimed to acquire in-depth understanding of how organisational actors realise strategic action in daily practice in relation in relation to finding a balance between artistic and economic interests of the organisation. The theoretical framework… Read more

My Claim: “Sure we need new facts, but more than this we need new perspectives to understand those facts.”

My Expectations: “I expect to encounter kindred spirits who are prepared to engage in heated discussion about modalities of organisational research in the cultural and creative sector.”

Johan Kolsteeg studied musiciology and was programmer and producer of concerts in the field of contemporary and classical music. He worked as editor in chief classical music for NCRV radio and television, and was involved in the development of several multimedia concepts. Het is co-founder of and co-author of a book on project management in the creative context. Johan is a teacher and researcher at HKU University for the Arts and is in the process of finishing his dissertation on strategy formation in cultural and creative organisations.