Jean-luc Moriceau


“Theatre of Operations: Aesthetic battles throughout the city”
(conducted together with Isabela Paes & Carlos Magno Camargos Mendonça)

For Lipovetsky and Serroy (2013), we have entered an era of artist capitalism. Manufacturing, selling and consumption are all the way through penetrated by operations of aesthetic nature, carrying affects, sensitivities and sensorial universes. The aim is to make everyone live experiences, moments of pleasure and sensorial rapture, to manufacture styles and emotions. “Everywhere the real get… Read more

My Claim: “Capitalist and public aesthetizations of the world may be ways to silence and control other cultural expressions, increase the divide between classes and races, impose social order.”

My Expectations: “I look forward to hearing new ideas and approaches in critical management studies.”

Jean-Luc Moriceau is professor of accountability and research methods at Telecom Business School, where he supervises doctoral education. His research explores and questions various ways of being exposed to and express organizational worlds; be it through writing, performances, the body and the five senses, humanist research methods, etc. His research is mainly informed by French philosophers, thanks to whom he tries to combine sense-making, art, ethical concerns and critique. He was tutor at the part-time PhD program of the Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Utrecht (NL). He has organized six international conferences at the frontier between art and organizations. Three co-edited books on the art of sense-making, demos and qualitative research methods are forthcoming.