Florin Muresanu


“Pride and Concrete: What to manage when culture plus economy doesn’t amount to cultural economy”
(together with Monica Muresanu)

The county of Maramureş, on the northern side of Transylvania, stands as unique in the region through its archaic cultural landscape and vernacular expression of its architecture. Proof to this are the eight UNESCO sites that sample the timber construction traditions from almost 100 wooden churches. The high level of artistic maturity and craft skills were achieved between the 16th and 18th centuries, as a response to the prohibition against the erection of stone Orthodox churches, and dwellings alike. The people of the rich in forests upper Tisa basin had an uninterrupted log building tradition for several centuries. Even with parts still characterized as extremely rural and traditional, Maramureş is… Read more

Our Claim: “Local and global are to each other the antithetic alternative. Currently, having both overlapping is usually the case. If culture management is brought up, it often means putting a handle on change and going all “El Cid” on tradition.”

Our Expectations: “To find out where culture management fits, between cocooning and mummification.”

Florin Mureşanu is an architect by choice turned urban planner by chance. His studies and research interests are related but not limited to architectural and cultural anthropology, language and expression, integrated urban planning, and morphology of land use. He is currently a lecturer with “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, engaged in teaching urban planning disciplines and coaching urban design studios. Occasionally he publishes within and outside the field of urban sciences.