Elisabeth Helldorff


“Stir it until it spills over – How ‘Artistic Thinking’ meets the need for movement in organization culture”

Rethinking Management, Recovering from the crisis, Redo practices of management and last but not least Turning the culture. There seems to be a strong need for movement…Read more

My Claim: “Radical thinking needs a space to grow and thrive. Following the example of artistic work processes organizations need to allow surroundings where freaking out is understood as a method to create value.”

My Expectations: “Artistic thinking can be radical. Bringing it together with managerial thinking and acting has the potential to force extreme clashes. I’m looking forward to fruitful clashes and new insights into how new thinking can be developed.”

Elisabeth Helldorff (PhD Candidate, Dipl. Cultural Science and Aesthetics) is researching about the possibilities how to integrate artistic thinking and acting into innovation processes in companies. As a researcher she is located at the University of Hildesheim (Prof. Dr. Birgit Mandel) and School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute for IT Systems Engineering (Dr. Claudia Nicolai).
Currently she is working with the facilitator for artistic interventions TILLT (www.tillt.se) in Gothenburg to study the values of those activities for big corporates.

In 2010 she founded Schwarz+Weiss (www.schwarzplusweiss.de), an agency for Artistic and Design Thinking, where she is working as a facilitator for new formats to foster an innovative culture in organizations. Schwarz+Weiss is part of the Design Thinking laboratory d.collective in Berlin.
Elisabeth Helldorff is holding a Scholarship of the Foundation of German Business.