Dirk Wagner


“The graceful degradation of the knowledge worker? On getting back the attention of what used to be your most valuable resource”

The term graceful degradation emerged in the information technology sector. It describes a functionality implemented by software programmers to help avoiding catastrophic failure when two machines interact: one machine (e.g. a sophisticated current state of technology website) will gracefully degrade and maintain limited functionality when interacting with a poorer equipped machine (e.g. an outdated Internet browser). Inspired by Schirrmacher (2009), who describes the experience… Read more

My Claim: “Re-thinking is a pre-requisite only. Ultimately, it is all about re-doing. Who or what will take which action?”

My Expectations: “To meet those who can imagine a re-think of management and those who can build the bridge to a re-do.”

Dirk Nicolas Wagner is Professor of Strategic Management at Karlshochschule International University and Managing Director of the Karlshochschule Management Institute GmbH. Prior to joining Karlshochschule in 2013, he served in various management positions in the Technical Services Industry in Europe, most recently as Executive Chairman of the Board of ThyssenKrupp Palmers Ltd. and as a Director for WWV Wärmeverwertung GmbH & Co KG. His professional background includes major projects, restructuring, turnaround, M&A but also topics like corporate re-branding and business development. Dirk holds a doctoral degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Fribourg (CH). As a British Chevening Scholar he obtained a MBA from Royal Holloway University of London. His academic areas of interest include strategic and project management as well as questions of economic order, particularly for man and machine.