David Sixt

“Do you even understand me? The influence of the Translational Turn on brand communication”

This examination is setting about to investigate the influence of the Translational Turn, as (primarily) described by Doris Bachmann-Medick, on brand communication. Brand communication here stands as a discipline as well as a practice in management and organizational studies. The question in matter is whether the Translational Turn has had an impact on how brand communication is perceived, discussed and executed in theory and practice. Also,… Read more

My claim: “This perpetual experience we call ‘life’ is determined much more by what is ‘in-the-visible’ than by what is actually visible. This realization should open our thinking and action-taking towards a more empathic, sincere and, ultimately, meaningful means, i.e. the overcoming of the notion of explicity (or explication) for more genuine notions of implicity – whatever the field of our ‘individual’ engagement may be.”

My expectations: “As both head of the project and speaker at the conference, I am looking forward to experiencing the conference from both an inside and ‘outside’ perspective – which makes me strive for and excited about creating and enjoying the lasting impression this event is undoubtedly going to make on me and our guests.”

David originally trained as an Industrial Sales Manager in a medium-sized company in southern Germany. At the time, he was also engaged as bass player and band manager for a semi-professional band. Combining his two passions – management and the arts -, he then did his B.A. in Arts & Cultural Management at Karlshochschule International University. During his early studies, David, on the one hand, gained practical experience as team leader for the world’s first 3D festival BEYOND, and on the other hand established a strong interest in scientific work, particularly in the field of cultural, performative and semantic approaches to branding and brand communication. He, therefore, continued his studies with an M.A. in Management specializing in Cultural Change & Society and Brand at Karlshochschule – a program which he is still engaged in. Alongside his Master studies, David has been Assistant to the Dean of Karlshochschule’s faculty for ‘Management & Performance’. Since 2014, David is also Associate Head of the Master’s Program in ‘Management’ and in that position responsible for the strategic and operative development of the program.