Daniel Ericsson


“From horse handlers to text mongers”

One could say that management has been bounded by and bound to its etymological roots. Stemming from manus, the Latin word for “hand”, and the Italian word maneggiare, meaning “to handle” and “the handling of horses”, management has been encircled as an area subjected to the very same maneuvers found in the manège. On one hand management is considered to be… Read more

My Claim: “In between Homeric enchanting digressions and taciturn truth claims of the Old Testament, management is being written and read in a modernist manner, either joyfully “as it is” or alluringly as something “larger than life”.”

My Expectations: “I expect to engage in reflexive and provocative debates on the taken-for-granted aspects of management and managerial culture.”

Daniel Ericsson received his PhD from the Stockholm School of Economics and is now associate professor at Linnaéus University and visiting professor at Malmö University. He is particularly interested in understanding how creativity and entrepreneurship are constructed and organised in society, and in different ways of (re)writing management. He wrote his thesis, Kreativitetsmysteriet (The Creative Mystery – 2001), as an academic postmodern detective story, and he has in several writings continued to explore the ”metaphyscis” of writing, especially in the context of music and musicography.