Dan Harvey


“Management in the Educational Field, or The Entrepreneurial University”

Drawing on Michel Foucault’s insight (in the 1978 lectures collected as The Birth of Biopolitics) that neoliberal society requires a new type of entrepreneurial subjectivity, this paper examines the ways in which a discourse of entrepreneurship has slipped from the realm of economics to become a hegemonic common sense within Western societies. Entrepreneurship is no longer a practice carried out only by business people; rather, we live in a time when the ordo-liberal project… Read more

Our Claim: “Entrepreneurship, once thought of as business model open for the exemplary few, has in the last two decades moved beyond the field of business to become an unquestioned mode of life; university education, increasingly structured to promote an entrepreneurial orientation, has been a primary driver of this shift.”

Our Expectations: “We look forward to engaging in conversation about the relationship between culture and management, and learning more about ways to consider management from perspectives outside of the economic.”

Daniel is a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta, with research focuses in the fields of contemporary cultural studies, continental philosophy, rhetoric and writing studies. His thesis, The Entrepreneurial Subject, After Foucault: On the Politics and Aesthetics of Twenty-First Century Enterprise Culture, examines the ways in which North American culture has become increasing organized around entrepreneurship since the 1980s, so that the dream of entrepreneurship functions a common sense structuring not just business, but art, culture, politics, and everyday life itself. With Imre Szeman, Daniel is editing a forthcoming special edition of the journal South Atlantic Quarterly (out Spring 2015) on entrepreneurial common sense.

In addition to his research, as Project Manager at the University’s Writing Across the Curriculum Initiative Daniel provides writing support and instruction for faculty and students across the University, in fields including Law, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine.