Dagmar Abfalter


The  Leading  Conductor  –  The  Leadership  Concept  between  Management  and  Cultural  Sciences”

Management  teaching  and  management  publications  are  frequently  focused  on  learning  from  cases  and  best  practices.  While  this  opens  the  way  to  holistic  considerations  of  phenomena  related  to  management,  the  result  is  frequently  an  abstract  reduction  of  complexity.  For  example,  although  relying  on  the  stories  about  famous  leaders  such  as  Jack  Welch  or  Steve  Jobs,  leadership  research  tends  to  neglect  important  aspects  of  leadership  practice,  such  as… Read more

My Claim: “My contribution aims at reinforcing the bridge between artistic practice and research in conducting and the upcoming stream of aesthetic leadership research. The human being should experience a renaissance in moving back to the center of attention.“

My Expectations: “I’m interested in exploring and discussing ways to overcome what I frequently experience as an abstract reduction of complexity in management education and publications. ReThinking should be a social activity within our community and communities.”

Dagmar Abfalter is Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Management and Cultural Science (IKM) at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. She holds a doctoral degree in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Innsbruck and an MBA in International Arts Management from ICCM/University of Salzburg. Her major research areas include leadership in creative and expert environments, experience innovation as well as other domains of intersection between business and the arts. She also works on qualitative research methodology. Dagmar has published a book (Das Unmessbare messen: Die Konstruktion von Erfolg im Musiktheater // Measuring the Unmeasurable: the construction of success in music theatre, VS Research 2010) in German and a range of scientific articles in international peer reviewed journals.