Cao Yikai


“A leadership competency model for multi-national companies in China”

The purpose of this study was to define a leadership competency model for Chinese middle and senior management within the context of multi-national companies (MNCs) in China. This model was validated by, but not limited to, managers in the German organisations. Being exploratory, this study followed a combination of research-based approach and strategy-based approach of competency modelling (Briscoe & Hall, 1999). Semi-structured interviews, together with… Read more

My Claim: “It is imperative for multinationals nowdays to accurately identify leadership competencies based on existing corporate values but highly adapted and enlarged to the local demand. Managers’ acquaintance of such competencies will ensure the organisation to lead globally.”

My Expectations: “I look forward to sharing and discussing pivotal leadership competencies for the success of business in the era of globalisation. In particular, I am interesting in exploring German practices in East and South-East Asia and vice versa.”

Cao Yi Kai was born in Shanghai. He has been studying and living in Germany for 2.5 years where he is expected to complete his MA in Leadership at Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe soon. He has 4 years’ experience of working with intercultural learning as a trainer in non-governmental organisations and business sector. In his Master thesis, he helped one of the leading German players in automotive industry to accurately identify leadership competencies for its regional organisations in Asia-Pacific region. Currently, he is looking for companies to sponsor his Ph.D where he aims to develop his knowledge in an accessible form for professional working in organisations in order to improve Post-Merger Integration (PMI) in German and Chinese organisations.