Anja Overdiek


“Business un-usual: Complementary leadership in the Dutch designer fashion sector”

To overcome the old dichotomy between management and creativity, we turn to the new research of organizational ambidexterity. It’s goal is to describe a company’s ability to manage the tension between the quantifiable, efficiency-driven processes of exploitation on one side and the intangible, creativity-driven processes… Read more

My Claim: “Forget the master manager! Let’s get our head around thinking (and teaching) complementary leadership and splitting versus integrating management techniques.”

My Expectations: “Exchange and discuss new management concepts inspired by the creative sector and their practical impact on entrepreneurship and organizational development.”

Anja Overdiek is a Senior Lecturer and associate of the research group Change Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague, The Netherlands.
Her special field is the theory/practice link in management studies, creative leadership and the development of teaching management skills. She holds a PhD on the sociology of concepts in the social sciences from Freie Universität Berlin (1999). She has worked in communications management for 10 years, also as director Europe with a Silicon Valley based IT communications firm. Since 2004, Anja has her own coaching firm focused on leadership development. She is associated as a curriculum and training developer to the school of entrepreneurship (SBRM) of The Hague University since 2008 and started researching again in 2013 together with the Change Management research group.