Andreas Müller


“Language and Hierarchy”

Despite of the fact that management sciences have experienced significant influences from human sciences along with the so-called “cultural turn”, the link between specific disciplines, e.g. between linguistics and organization studies, has still not been specified precisely enough. While, for example, new institutional theory found a concept for informal and mental processes of institutionalization, the corresponding branches in the sociology of knowledge have only occasionally formulated perspectives on management up to now. While economic theory… Read more

My Claim: “Re-Thinking Management will open new post-disciplinary doors which are to be find in an open discourse.”

My Expectations: “The conference will provide the ground for the formulation of some long-lasting perspectives and practical conceptualizations.”

Andreas was associate professor at the university of Mannheim before he became professor for Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Management at Karlshochschule International University in 2006 .

After five years as an entrepreneur and freelance trainer in South America, Andreas studied Romance Languages at the University of Mannheim, from which he received his PhD as well as his habilitation. His research on communication in organizations took him to several European countries where – in a long-term cooperation with the Robert Bosch GmbH – he studied corporate communication from an anthropological-linguistic perspective, leading to consultancy activities and the publishing of a series of studies on the ethnography of organizational communication and communicative stylistics of organizations.

Andreas’ main focus of research and teaching lies in cultural diversity and multilingualism in companies, conceptual aspects of intercultural management, as well as on communicative genres in organizational communication, and, especially, on the role of language in organizations.