Andras Ocsai


“Spiritual Turn in Business Management”

We believe that business management needs a more spiritual foundation to solve the  failure of rational and materialistic management. Why? Because spirituality – as an inner experience of deep interconnectedness with all living beings – opens a space of distance from the pressures of the market and the routines of business as usual. This distance is… Read more

My Claim: ‘Kultur ist Fortschritt, materieller und geistiger Fortschritt der einzelnen wie der Kollektivitäten’. Letztes Ziel der Kultur ist ‘die geistige und sittliche Vollendung des Einzelnen’ (from Albert Schweitzer, Kultur und Ethik). For me, this is what rethinking management and spiritual turn in business management are about.”

My Expectations: The conference is very much related to my fields of interest and I expect it would provide me with an extraordinary opportunity to meet and interact with students and scholars from my field and also diverse professional and cultural backgrounds who are interested in similar questions and problems of management and spirituality. I expect we could somehow contribute collectively to the progress of humankind and ultimately to our individual development.”

Andras Ocsai worked for several companies and also in the public sector after graduation at the Corvinus University of Budapest in 2002. Then, he found his way back to his alma mater and started his Ph. D. studies in 2012 under the supervision of László Zsolnai. The title of his thesis is ‘Value-oriented business and ecological transformation’. He is also interested in several public benefit organizations dealing with studying, teaching and promotion of business ethics, classical philosophy, or Bhutanese culture.

Andras has been awarded with the “Karlshochschule ReThinking Grant” for his outstanding submission.